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  • Miriam OlssonJeffery

    Miriam OlssonJeffery

    Swedish biz and tech journalist covering Silicon Valley. Frequent writer at Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet and Internetworld (IDG Sweden).

  • Kuaks


    Kuaks is your source for cool, fun, useful (and sometimes useless) stuff you can find and buy on AliExpress.

  • Niklas Angmyr

    Niklas Angmyr

    Management and organizational transformer. Works at Growthshaper, www.growthshaper.se. Please get in touch niklas.angmyr@growthshaper.se, +46 733 904079

  • Stina Bjurström

    Stina Bjurström

  • Amber Armstrong

    Amber Armstrong

    Director digital social and influencer marketing IBM #Commerce, world traveler, food nerd, triathlete. #retail #social #employeeadvocacy #influencers

  • Charlotte Grahn

    Charlotte Grahn

  • Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

    Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

    i see things, i design things, i start things, i invest in things, i bring people together...

  • Helena Eriksson

    Helena Eriksson

    Välkommen in i mitt Twittervardagsrum! Ordvrängande, samhällsengagerad kommunikatör och exiljämte. Omkvittrar: #kommunikation #djur #miljö

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